What Information should you put on a Dog Tag?

No matter how much you take care of your dog, there would be times when they go on a solo adventure of their own, leading to nothing but a mere crisis. But guess what, there’s a foolproof method of getting them back in their humble abode. Yes, using a good cool Dog tag, you can increase the return-to-owner (RTO) rate by a great margin. All you have to do is put all the necessary information on it. 

In this article, we’ll shed light on the usefulness of dog tags and what information you should put on them. So let’s get started!

Why is there a need for a Dog tag?

Before proceeding, it is worthwhile discussing why exactly the need for dog tag arises. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Preparing for every situation

As we have mentioned earlier, no matter how much you take care of your beloved dogs, they tend to attempt a getaway. Most people keep themselves away from even a thought of this possibility. And this is why as per research done by Preventative Veterinary Medicine, only 33% of the owners keep an ID tag on their pets, which reaffirms the fact that owners don’t keep themselves prepared for this situation. 

  • Demonstrating they aren’t stray animal

Imagine seeing a dog rambling outside your house. Would you like to go near if it doesn’t possess a collar or tag? Yes? Well, you may be an exception, but many people don’t wish to take risk of being near a stray dog in fear of getting bitten and contracting disease. On the flip side, if a dog has an ID tag on him, people would feel safe in approaching it. 

This is why in case your dog gets lost, the fact that he has an ID tag on him would promote many people to approach it and try to get it back to you.

  • A microchip may not be enough

This is because microchips, though helpful, can only be used in accessing the owner if someone takes the dog to a vet clinic or shelter. And honestly, no one would like to go through so much effort in this busy world of today. This is why an old-fashioned tag is much useful. This is so because almost all of the information, including the owner’s contact information, could be put up on the tag. 

The person who finds your dog wouldn’t have to put up much effort and just dial a number to get your dog back to you.

  • They are inexpensive

The fact remains that these dog ID tags are quite inexpensive and their cost-benefit ratio is on the higher side. You’ll thank yourself for the foresight you displayed while buying the dog tag in the future when the need so arises.

What Information should you put on a Dog Tag?

Having talked about dog tags and their usefulness, let’s foray into the type of information we think you should put on your dog tag.

  • Rabies Vaccinated Info

As mentioned earlier, no one wishes to get into trouble by messing with dogs and other animals that are prone to spreading rabies. So have your dog carry the proof of him being vaccinated. It would also show the other person that you truly care about your dog. The sympathetic attitude towards you may prompt him to take action for reuniting you with your dog. 

  • The Dog’s name

Yes, that’s a no brainer. The dog, after listening to his name pronounced by the finder, may repose its trust on the person. It would not only make him calm but also make it easy for the finder to handle him.

  • Phone number and Address

While some people refrain from sharing their address (which is quite understandable), putting phone number is a must on the tag. Quick communication and easy location sharing through phone are the two most foremost reasons behind this practice.

Having said that, even if you don’t put up your exact address, try to put the city name and approximate address, such as the part of the city and so on. 

  • Stating that your dog is microchipped

It isn’t a bad idea either. Takes a little bit of space but could be highly helpful in case the tag itself gets lost. 

  • Personal Message

‘If I’m alone, I’m lost’, such a message could be appropriate in removing ambiguity in minds of people. Many times people presume the dog owner might be near somewhere and go about doing their business. If you have some better message in your mind, you can go ahead and imprint it on the tag. 

  • More room, more information

Presuming there’s more room available for information to be put on. Consider writing anything extra you think might be of utility. There’s no harm in putting extra information provided there are no space constraints.

  • Buy a set of Dog tags

The inscriptions on tags tend to fade after some time. We suggest you buy 2-3 tags at once, to keep spare tags with you. If the dog is a newborn, buying tags of different sizes would be a nice idea, as after a while the tags may not fit the growing dog. 

Where do I buy cool Dog tags?

Having talked about dog tags, now let’s proceed to this section. We suggest browsing our store for some of the best cool dog tags available on the internet. Not only they are tough in build, but also fancy which keeps a playful element attached to the dog. We try to keep our products at a reasonable price so that it’s affordable to everyone. 

You can choose your preferred design and customize it according to your needs. Additionally, you can also attach them to lunch boxes, backpacks, gym bags, or book totes, and so on.

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