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waterproof name labels - set of 72 - PINK SKULLS
Tiny (1.25" x 0.5") waterproof, dishwasher-safe name labels that stick just about anywhere. Handy for labeling lunchware, daycare gear, school supplies, water bottles, sippy cups, pool toys and anything that leaves the house!

waterproof name labels - set of 72 - PINK SKULLS

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Designer, waterproof name labels for use on sippy cups, baby bottles, lunchboxes, snack cups, plasticware, books, movies, games, cell phones, pool toys, office supplies, laptops...anything that leaves the house! Perfect for daycare, mother's day out, preschool, grade school, church, summer camp, baby showers and birthday gifts!  Label with style™!
  • set of 24 designer, die-cut labels
  • label size approx. 2.75" width
  • fonts and colors printed as-shown, personalized with any name you'd like
  • dishwasher-safe (avoid detergents with chlorine bleach*)
  • microwave-safe
  • printed with a non-toxic, lead-free ink
*To prevent label colors from fading, make sure your detergent is chlorine bleach-free before washing in the dishwasher.

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