Giving the Perfect Valentine's to Your Friends
Close your eyes and go back in time with me... go back 10, 15 maybe even 20 years or more back to Valentine parties at school when you were a kid. Remember when you'd spend hours, the few weeks before transforming that old cereal box into a magical Valentine box adorned with red, pink and white hearts made from construction paper and doilies? Maybe you even had some pom pom balls and pipe cleaners to add some 3D effects. And when you were finally done, you sorted through all of the Valentines in the box finding the perfect one to give to each of your friends. And how many of you searched for that perfect one for that cute boy or girl in your class? I know I did. And the fear of accidentally giving them the one meant for the teacher...oh my! Do you recall how fun the party actually was; getting to put all the Valentine's into your friends' boxes, admiring all the creativity, getting to eat a treat or two. And then rushing home after school and looking at all the Valentine's each of your classmates had given. Yep, the Valentine's Day party was always my favorite. 

The only down side...having to write your name over and over and over and over again. I did not like that at all. And as I had kids (and I have a lot) I especially did not enjoy writing their names either. Luckily for you, Cherry Hill Designs has taken that mundane chore away.  Stickers!  What kids doesn't love stickers, especially ones with their names on them.  And with several options of Valentine stickers, you will be sure to find the perfect set for each of your kids.  So after your child has perfected their Valentine box, let me have a blast labeling each of the Valentines for their friends with their very own personalized Valentine sticker.  Each personalized Valentine label is the perfect size; just small enough to fit on an M&M's bag or lollipop, and just big enough to shine on a cellophane bag filled with goodies and tied up with a pretty bow.  No matter if you like to keep things simple, or go extravagant with Cherry Hill Designs Valentine's labels, your child will have the perfect Valentine to give to their friends.

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