Welcome to Cherry Hill Designs®!

My name is Diana.  Along with owning  Cherry Hill Designs® and rouge & co, I am a wife, momma and Diyah (that's my grandma name)

In 1999 I was hired on at JCP headquarters where I spent the next 13 years of my professional career.  In 2011 the environment drastically changed, and I knew I needed to be somewhere else.  I always longed to be a stay at home mom, but given the fact that I was a single mom of 4 I just knew that wasn't a possibility.  Anyway, I prayed earnestly for 6 months for God's direction with my career.  On April 5, 2012 God answered my prayers in a surprising blessing in disguise.  I was laid off in a massive reorganization of the company.  As scary as that was, I was filled with God's peace.  You see, I had been following Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, I no longer had to pay daycare, tolls, exuberant amounts of gas for the commute... all of that with a very generous severance package allowed me to stay home with my kiddos, and focus solely on them.  

That fall, one of my friends asked if I wanted to come work part time with her at this little company called Cherry Hill Designs.  Why not right?  It gave me something to do while the kids were in school, and the office was filled with Jesus loving women.  I loved learning all aspects of the business, and was able to bring my business knowledge to the table.  Are you seeing God's hand in all this? Just keep reading - there's so much more to the story He is writing here..

Fast forward to January of 2014.  Money was getting tight as my severance and savings were wearing thin.  I kept praying about a full time job.  I mean as much as I love working here I had to provide for my family.  God kept saying to stay put and trust.  I did, because well obedience is the very best thing, but with $14.32 in the bank it was getting pretty hard.  Here's the good part! In April, the owner informed me that after much fasting and praying she and her husband had decided to sell the company.  Remember that trust thing God kept saying? The owner felt very strongly that God was telling her to sell the company to me!  Can you believe it?

Y'all!  Seriously, how good is God?  I mean He is good even when things aren't, He is sovereign after all! But God!  So on May 1, 2014 I signed papers taking ownership of Cherry Hill Designs® and rouge & co.

Since then I moved the company from an office, to my home. I married my best friend, Michael. Together we have 8 kids; my 4, his 2 and our 2 sweet grandsons we raise.  Thus the creation of Michael's business, Eight Reasons Design. Check him out on Facebook and Instagram. 

All that to say I am living my dream - even when it's crazy and messy! I get to work from home, homeschool my kids, help my husband with his business, and focus on my family. 

Thank you to each and every one of you that orders our products.  We love you and pray over every order!

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