Stylish and Cozy: How to Make Custom Pillow Covers

While the average person only sleeps with 2-3 pillows, they tend to own many more than that. After all, there are so many times when you want to curl up on your couch with comfortable places to rest your arms. Even more importantly, throw pillows that aren't ever intended to be slept with make amazing decorations for self-expression around the home.

Custom pillow covers make this self-expression a much easier task. Here, we're going to talk about some of the ways that you can create personalized pillow covers for yourself and for others. Read on to learn what you need to do to design these shams and make them fit any living space perfectly!

Consider the Occasion

There are a few different occasions that you may find yourself looking for custom pillowcases. The most common is that you want to spice up your living space.

A personalized pillow featuring your name is a great way to declare your room to be your kingdom, and throwing it on your bed makes your throne your own. In a living room, you can have the names of your family members printed on a sham to show that your family shares that area.

However, sometimes pillow covers serve as gifts for various occasions. If you want to get your parent or grandparent a gift for Christmas or a birthday, a family tree pillow is a perfect way to show that you care. You can custom-enter the names of everyone on the tree to tell the story of your family.

If your anniversary or Valentine's day is rolling around and you want to show your love to that special someone, consider grabbing a pillow sham that says 'PS I love you' or one that simply has the date '14 February' on it. Pillowcases are unique and interesting, and they definitely give your partner something more personal to show off than jewelry!

Browse Design Ideas

It's important that you also browse pillowcase design ideas before you get to work creating your custom design. Head over to Pinterest or Google Images and begin to look at styles that you find inspirational.

Do you tend to prefer shams with letters on them? What about calendar dates? How do you feel about names adorning pillowcases? Asking these questions and looking into the styles that others have used will help you to figure out what you like.

Also, it's important that you look closely at the room that you plan to put the pillowcase in. Consider what colors are primarily used in the overall decor and what hues will go best with them. Our standard monogram pillowcases come in three distinct styles and dozens of shades so that you can select the perfect option for your unique tastes.

Trying to emulate overall design and color schemes that you like is a surefire recipe for success!

Match Your Other Decor

In addition to selecting monogrammed pillow covers with text colors that match the rest of your room, you might want to get similar monogrammed items that go in other areas throughout the home. This is a great way to draw your entire home together and make each room's vignette into one cohesive story.

Personalized mousepads are perfect for use in home offices and computer rooms. They're a great way to draw these spaces together with living rooms or bedrooms where you use a personalized pillow on the couch.

You also can draw your space together in more subtle ways. Spreading a motif throughout your home is a great way to do this. For example, if you love to travel and experience new adventures, you can place a Weather Vane Compass pillow on your bed while hanging world maps in a nearby living room. Combine that with compass-inspired dinnerware in your kitchen, and you'll be all set!

Make It Meaningful

Finally, it's important that you make your DIY pillow covers meaningful to you. While a compass pillow is awesome for those who love to see the world, a 'gather' linen pillowcase may be better for those who prefer to welcome guests into their homes. The style you choose should depend on your values and the feelings that you want to convey to those who enter your house.

However, if you have more niche interests, you can take a standard pillowcase customized with the names of yourself and your family members and get creative with it. Get some expressive buttons offline and put them onto your pillowcase. This won't ruin the fabric at all and you can always take them out to wash it!

If you're getting a pillowcase as a gift for a friend or a significant other, you may also want to get them a throwback design to a first date or meaningful occasion. You can type your own personal message on a pillowcase and have it sent to them. This is a great way to remind someone that you're thinking of them and that the time that you spend together is meaningful.

Create Custom Pillow Covers Today!

While there are a lot of amazing gifts out there, nothing is quite as functional or personal as a custom pillow sham. These covers are versatile, easy to send, and highly customizable so that you can best express how much you care.

Now that you know how to design and create custom pillow covers, it's time to get started. Browse our selection of pillow covers to get some design inspiration. Here, you'll find a variety of templates that you can personalize to perfection. We look forward to helping you find the perfect home decor or gift item soon!

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