How to Iron on Name Labels

Putting up name labels on personal clothing items is a must-have to avoid exchanging with someone else’s belongings and even to avoid losing them. So if your household has kids who go out to daycare, schools, outdoor activities, university, gyms, etc. iron-on name labels are perfect to get the right items back home. 

They not only are quick to apply but also don’t involve precision or focus to go wrong. So if you’re a busy parent or someone who doesn’t know sewing, then iron-on name labels will surely be a boon to stick to your items.

Moreover, Cherry Hill Designs has an assorted range of fun, quirky, smooth, and itch-free iron-on name labels in varied patterns, designs, sizes, and colors for your little munchkins or even teenagers and adults! You even get an option to get custom iron-on labels and name label combos to choose from!

Make such labels a permanent resident for your household’s clothing items that leave your home and get yourself some to iron them at home in under a minute or two.

Note: Prefer not to use an automatic iron with any clear heating settings and temperature controls. They don’t heat up enough to firmly seal the iron on the label onto the clothing item.

Tips before actually beginning with your iron-on name labels application:

  • Ensure that the iron doesn’t have any water in it as it will release moisture to not stick the label(s) properly. Most modern irons have a Teflon coating that makes it easier to glide over name labels.
  • Ensure that the garment you are applying the label on is clean and thoroughly dried to not have any moisture in it. Even a little moisture in the cloth will lead to the label not sticking.
  • Use any out of the parchment square, kitchen baking paper, or a thin dry pressing cloth to place between the iron’s surface and name label. Although you might actually not need one but keep it handy in case of smudging.
  • Some clothing materials might not allow for hot iron usage like satin, nylon, acetate, etc. So keep that into account beforehand. You surely don’t want to ruin both the label and your cloth.
  • Too long ironing is also not required as that also makes the name labels not stick properly, so keep the ironing time in check.

Now let’s begin with a simple, sophisticated, and full-proof step-by-step guide to ironing your iron-on name labels at home for that perfect stick-on application to your desired clothing items.

  1. Firstly, heat your iron to the cotton’s setting with no steam and let it heat up to its fullest. Keep it dry before usage.
  2. Place the label directly onto the desired surface of the garment where you want it to stick. 
  3. Then simply iron on top of the label firmly to keep it in place and straight for a few seconds. Check if the label is smudging or wrinkling. If not, it means the heat of the iron is good. But to prevent the label from smudging, put a baking paper or thin pressing cloth-like something on the label. Then re-iron on and around it for a few more seconds. Press forward and backward for 10-15 seconds more.
  4. And voila!
  5. Allow the garment to cool and come to room temperature. Then try peeling it off. If it doesn’t come off, wait for ideally 24 hours before washing. If it does get peeled, then the iron’s temperature was not up to its maximum, and thus, re-ironing on it for 10-15 seconds more is required.

The best part about getting iron-on name labels from Cherry Hill Designs is that they’re made from a soft blend of cotton and polyester. It makes them ideal for machine washes and dry as they won’t peel off even after multiple washes. If not iron, you can even choose to sew them, your choice.

How long do you need to iron the label?

Well, it totally depends on your iron and the material of the garment. Thicker garments require pressing the iron harder and also for a longer duration. While thin clothing materials only require light pressing and a shorter pressing time. Also, your iron’s heat output may be different from others, so take that as well into consideration!

What if the label comes off after washing?

In the worst case, if the label comes off after a wash, then you don’t really need to dump it. A name label can be easily re-used and ironed on with enough heat and application. But now ensure that the garment is thoroughly dry and your iron’s temperature is set at a higher value than before.

How to know if the label has integrated successfully into the garment?

Ensure that the cloth underneath the label can be seen on the iron on the label. In other words, you should be able to notice the textile engraving on the label when sliding your fingers over it. Because once it has integrated into the garment, it becomes resistant to machine wash and dryer!

Is a pressing cloth really needed?

Well, not really. It’s just to ensure even distribution of heat over the entire label and to protect your iron’s surface from any glue or ink that might come from the label. Also, chances are that the label might shrink in size due to direct application of heat, not adhering properly, and thus coming off.

Thus a good practice is to keep the pressing cloth handy and use it before pressing on the iron.

Now you’re all set to employ iron-on labels at the comfort of your own. Shop some from here to get the variety and choices you might be looking for.

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